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Speed Wizard - Page Load Speed Optimizer

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Get higher conversions, revenue, and better search engine optimization for more traffic: Every store owner wants improvement in these areas and one factor that affects all of these areas is the speed of your site. Our Speed Wizards service helps increase the load speed of every page in your site without a major redesign or significant expense.
  • Experts agree page load speed is IMPORTANT.
  • Google says they place greater emphasis on page load times than ever before.
  • Page load time has a direct impact on conversion and "bounce rates".
  • File Compression allows for more efficient data delivery.
  • We guarantee our SPEED WIZARD service. See details below.

Page load speed is extremely important!
There are many articles online about it's impact on user activity, conversions, searches, etc. See our tab above on "Does speed matter?" for some good expert information.  As a store owner, one key statistic that stands out is from Amazon.  Amazon tested and found that for every 100ms added to load speed of their pages (that's 1/10th of a second), they saw a decrease in revenue of 1%. So adding half a second to their load time would cost them 5% of their revenue.  What would you do if you could increase your revenue by even a few percentage points?

Google says so...
Google now uses page load times as one of it's ranking factors.  Your content is still most important but if all other factors are equal, the faster site will rank better.

Improve your revenue, conversion, and SEO.
Use our Speed Wizard page load speed optimizer service to speed up your site and decrease page load times.  Your Store Wizards Speed Wizard service gives you a professional grade tool for shaving critical time from your page loads and at only a fraction of the cost of other big name services.

File Compression:
Our Speed Wizard service takes all your framework files for your site (graphics, css, javascript) and compresses them, combines them (where it makes sense), optimizes them, and hosts them on a fast, reliable CDN through Amazon Cloudfront.  They will be served Gzipped (for faster delivery) and from a location nearest to your visitor.  We charge no bandwidth charges and allow unlimited traffic for one price.  We also give you access to manage these files so you can add and update files on your own.  With our professional plan, we regularly monitor your site and automatically add new files or even re-optimize your entire site if you should go through a major overhaul.

Ongoing Servicing:
Standard: Your Store Wizards will provide one FILE UPDATE per month. Service REINSTALLATION (rescan) due to major changes on the site is $499.
Professional: Your Store Wizards will provide up to (4) FILE UPDATES per month and one service REINSTALLATION.

Optimization Reports:
Your Store Wizards will provide a speed report detailing both the before and after speed test results for your home page, item page and section page. We use multiple testing sources and multiple tests to show the improvements.

GUARANTEE: There is no long term commitment and if we are unable to improve your item page load speeds by 5 points on Google page speed scores or less than 5% on your item page load time, we will refund your installation cost. Most stores gain 10-15 points on Google page speed and from 5-20% increase on most page load times.